A video written by Jake Fogelnest with myself, Moshe Kasher and Rich Fulcher. 

America’s Next Sick F*ck from Funny Or Die


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For anyone who lives here, New York City can feel like the greatest, most exciting place in the world. When it’s great, there’s truly nothing like it. But when it’s bad, it can be miserable. Sometimes in the midst of struggling just to get by, we can forget what it was, that magic, that made us…

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I accompanied someone to the police station to report a sexual assault, and this is what happened



A regular client turned good friend was sexually assaulted and asked me if I would go with her to the police station to make the report. Here is what happened.

Things to note:

1. There may be some triggers around sexual assault, victim blaming, and incompetent police officers.

2. My friend gave me permission to write this and actively encouraged me to do so, as a learning opportunity for all of you. However her name has been changed to LC for this post.

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Dear Jake Vale,

Today, I saw the videos you posted where you “pranked” teenage girls by running up behind them, grabbing them around the waist, and then running away with them while they were trying to get into VidCon. I’m one of the people who was instantly upset and disgusted by your behavior,…

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After Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room I tweeted: “Love to Cory Monteith. If drugs/alcohol are killing you, there is help available. I got sober 11 yrs ago at 25. It can be done.”

I got three types of responses. The first were variations of “Thanks for saying that.” The second…

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Democracy isn’t dead.


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I’m moving to New Zealand, first and foremost, because I fell in love and this is the only way we can be together in the short term. That said, there is a second reason I wanted to leave New York for a while. The truth is, I kind of feel like a failed playwright. That is to say, I’m not happy with…

Great list at the end of this post.

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Race matters.

Must reblog.

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